Menu Options

Anti-Pasto Platter

Brimming with a perfectly presented arrangement of delicious foods such as fine cheeses, cured meats, fresh fudge, house made hummus, chutneys and relishes, seasonal fresh and dried fruits, pistachio, cashew and almonds and locally baked bread and crackers all put together with serve ware & floral garnishes in a beautiful boxes and finished with twine and floral. Delicious, beautiful and fuss free!

Comes with complimentary bottle of sparkling

Tasty Breakfast

You will be given the ingredients to prepare your own breakfast. Options are as follows:

*2-3 rashes of Bacon, 2 Eggs, mushrooms, baked beans, 2 sausages, & 2 hash browns

*Thinly sliced smoked salmon, cream cheese, 2 free range eggs and a Bagel

*Selection of 3 cereals, tinned fruit, 1 croissant, 2 slices bread, variety of spreads and juice. (free with direct bookings)

Plunger coffee, fine tea selection and milk included free

Heat and Eat cafe Meals

Each portion is suitable for 2 people as a light meal or 1 large serving

Lamb & Pumpkin Tagine with Couscous

Rich beef bolognaise with spaghetti

Moroccan Chicken Tagine with rice

Pork Ragu with potatoes

Couscous, spaghetti, rice and potatoes will need to be cooked separately

Heat and Eat Cafe Meal

“Tasty food, ready for you to enjoy in complete privacy”